Walking sticks 

Elegant and original bamboo walking sticks

Make every step a statement of style and well-being with our bamboo walking sticks. Choose natural elegance and reliable support. Turn your walk into a rewarding and unique experience.

Rustic and rooted in tradition, the walking cane is constantly being renewed and is making a strong comeback among people concerned about their everyday well-being.

In summer or winter, a walk in the fresh air with your Funtastick walking stick is the best way to take your mind off things!

cannes de marche

Advantages of Funtastick' walking sticks

Natural elegance: Our bamboo walking sticks give you a distinctive, natural look. Each cane is a unique piece, shaped by the intrinsic beauty of bamboo, adding a touch of refinement to your everyday life.

Tailor-made: Our models are made to measure to meet your specific needs and expectations!

Lightweight and strong: Bamboo is known for being exceptionally light yet incredibly strong. Our canes provide reliable support without the excessive weight of metal alternatives, delivering lasting comfort.

Customisation: the choice is yours when it comes to engraving! For example, your grandchildren's first names can be engraved on your favourite walking stick.

Ecological sustainability: By choosing a bamboo walking stick, you're opting for an environmentally-friendly solution. Bamboo is a renewable resource, grown in a sustainable way, underlining your commitment to the planet.