Bamboo poles

Bamboo poles are environmentally friendly and used mainly for downhill skiing and hiking. The poles are handmade according to your choice of colours and preferences. Lightweight, flexible and strong for energetic skiing on any terrain or walking in summer.


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Bamboo offers a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility and does not bend like ordinary aluminium poles.


Eco-friendly and climate-smart, bamboo poles need only sun, soil and rain to grow. 


Bamboo poles can be made in any colour and combination.

Bamboo ski poles

Looking for fun ski poles? We manufacture and sell durable bamboo poles. 

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Walking stick

Elegant and original bamboo walking sticks

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There are over 1000 varieties of bamboo in the world. The one we have chosen comes from India, from Calcutta to be precise. It is one of the most resistant for its size/weight ratio.

Independent tests have shown them to be around 2.4 times stronger than aluminium poles of the same size.

Calcutta bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) has very thick walls and is sometimes called "iron bamboo" because of its extremely strong properties.


Our sticks are handmade, so please allow around 5 working days for your order to be manufactured.

Our standard engraving includes text only. If you have a small image/logo that you would like engraved, please contact us and send us the best version you have of the image, ideally a vector file (Adobe Illustrator, etc.), and we will give you an accurate price based on the image file provided.


Our poles are carefully selected and we take great care in their manufacture. So we're confident that responsible use will mean a long life before they break. Your poles come with a 2-year guarantee on all the parts we manufacture (*), but bear in mind that bamboo is a natural fibre and as such is prone to splitting along the grain, especially if exposed to frequent and severe temperature changes, which is totally beyond our control.  

If for any reason you believe that there is a manufacturing defect in your sticks from the outset, please contact us as soon as possible by email.

(*) tips, grips, straps and baskets - shipping costs are not included.

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